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As the firm launches a new growth strategy, health and life sciences consultancy ETL has rebranded as Lexica. The move follows record results for the firm, and it is now looking to double its headcount and income in the next six years.

Originally formed in 2014 by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, ETL has since become a multidisciplinary consultancy that enables public and private sector clients to transform their environments. The firm re-invests profits within the Trust it grew out of, and its team comprises of 100 experts across offices in London and Oxfordshire and staff based in Cambridge, East Anglia, Manchester, and Dublin.

Its latest financial year saw the firm hit an income of £12.4 million – a spike of 23% on the last year. As it looks to build on that growth, the firm that will now be known as Lexica is aiming to boost its headcount to 200 specialists by 2028 – and to similarly double its income over the same period. As part of this drive, the firm will also develop its existing services in seven priority areas. These are : strategic planning services for life sciences as well as health; sustainability; data analytics; built asset life cycle; transition; digital; large healthcare programme and project management.

Health and life sciences consultancy ETL rebrands as Lexica

According to Managing Director, Tina Nolan, rebranding as Lexica is the perfect way to emphasise these step-changes at the company. For the new name, the company adapted the term ‘lexicon’ – meaning specialism-specific language – and pluralised it to reflect Lexica’s two specialisms of health and life sciences. Meanwhile, Lexica’s new logo looks to represent the increasingly fused nature of those two specialities: the firm predicts that in all major cities in the next two decades, the sectors will share integrated hubs.

Nolan explained, “There is a natural, symbiotic link between life sciences and health – and our role is knowing both and strengthening effective collaboration between the two, both digitally and physically. But there is more than just synergy between the health and life sciences sectors: they will increasingly develop in tandem, in terms of both physical and digital co-location. It’s a global trend, in the interests of both research and delivery of healthcare, and accelerated by Covid, that our teams understand incredibly well.”

ETL has played in integral role in the pandemic responses of public health organisations in the last two years. But as in any industry, sustainability is also becoming one of the key issues it helps support. The field of work further taps into the company’s long-standing culture of purpose-driven consulting – something which will also continue to grow with the new branding and strategy, and ultimately help the firm attract the talent it needs to boost its growth.

“Lexica reflects our offer of specialist knowledge and understanding how to help our clients across both sectors to deliver meaningful health outcomes,” Nolan added, “and so will allow us to define ourselves clearly as we grow… Our people tell us they are proud to work for us and value how they can develop with us while doing important work and giving back, both through our contribution to the NHS and our support of health-related charities. Continuing to attract the best experts is critical as we pursue this ambitious growth with a clear market focus and a robust plan to grow Lexica.”