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We are always on the lookout for more talent to join our team!

Here at Greybridge, we recognise that the expertise and dedication of each of our team members is what makes the company so great. Each of our consultants brings their own unique experience, network and work ethic. We are always on the look out for more amazing talent to join our close-knit team!

What makes us different?

Most Recruiters:

  • You get a cold or lukewarm desk
  • You have to pay out to people you don’t really know for accounts you place in
  • KPIs all over the place
  • You might get to a quarterly meal, if you hit your targets every month
  • You might get on a company holiday, if you hit all the targets
  • A restrictive sales floor environment where you’re just another number
  • There’s no intimate team feeling
  • Pressure to cold call


  • A warm desk with active roles
  • Open conversations about accounts and splits
  • No KPIs that you don’t think will work for you
  • Every quarterly do
  • Every trip away
  • An adult working environment where we want you to do well with us
  • You’re encouraged to build on your brand as an individual
  • Company backed upskilling

We practice what we preach

We don’t just encourage our clients to offer great support and inclusion for their employees…

We make provisions to support our team and make sure they have everything they need to be successful in their career with Greybridge. These provisions include things like upskilling and progressing our staff to be the best version of themselves, providing a comfortable working environment to make returning to the office a great experience, an awareness of mental health and wellbeing, flexible working to make sure our team has the best work-life balance and wellness facilities within our HQ.

What our employees say

We can tell you about the amazing things we do, but we think our employees can tell you better.

After all, what they think is what really matters…

Let’s chat

If you have any questions, or would like to hear more about working for Greybridge, get in touch!

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