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Digital transformation advisory Chaucer is rebranding its British and American businesses, two years after it joined international professional services firm Bip. The firm will now continue under the Bip UK and Bip US identities.

Founded more than 30 years ago by Bob and Chris Laslett, consulting firm Chaucer initially focused on providing advisory services to the oil, nuclear and construction industries. A 2014 management buyout led by Laslett saw the firm bring external investment into the company to help accelerate growth, and reorient itself toward digital transformation work.

The move proved a success – and during Growth Capital Partners’ (GCP) term supporting Chaucer, the firm recorded five six years of solid organic growth; commencing a campaign of acquisitions with the purchase of Virtrium Consulting in 2019. Looking to kick on from that when GCP exited, Chaucer attracted a new partner to help realise its ambitions, in the shape of Bip.

Chaucer becomes Bip UK as 'alignment' continues

Founded in 2003, Bip is one of the fastest growing consultancies in the world, with offices in Italy, the UK, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Chile, and Colombia. Operating at the intersection of business and technology, the company designs, develops, and delivers innovative transformations at pace and scale, creating greater value for customers, employees, shareholders, and society for the long term.

Over the past two years Chaucer and Bip have been working to grow in the UK and the US – with deals to expand operations including the purchase of Anagram Consulting, and Medley Business Solutions. At the same time, the two brands have been working to align ‘as one’ putting the right tools, processes, and people in place to bring the right solutions to clients and greater opportunities for their people. 

The final stage of that alignment sees Chaucer’s UK and US businesses retire their original branding, to instead adopt the Bip identity. Henceforth, the firm will trade as Bip UK and Bip US in its respective geographies.

Chris Laslett, who remains as CEO of Bip UK and Bip US, commented, “Over the last year our own business has transformed… We’re thrilled to be actively helping our clients exploit the potential of emerging tech, from AI to the metaverse. This is a pivotal moment for our business and we’re looking forward to continuing our positive evolution in the UK and US as Bip. Key to our success with Bip has been our consistent alignment on ambition and values. We both recognise the value of working with and nurturing the best talent, being honest and transparent with our clients, and understand the greater impact our actions have on society. Being aligned on the bigger picture has been key to us being ready to be Bip.”

According to a release from Bip, the rebranding programme has been designed and developed to “build a brand that resonates in local markets with clients and remains authentic to its people and teams on the ground.” The move also strengthens Bip’s global brand, boosting its headcount to 4,500 staff around the world.

Carlo Capè, CEO of Bip, added, “We’re delighted that Chaucer felt ready to rebrand as Bip. Strengthening our brand presence in the UK and the US not only deepens our breadth of talent but provides our global clients with faster access to Bip’s experts in these key markets. In a fast-changing digital world, our number one priority is to stay ahead of the curve and create greater value for customers, employees, and shareholders.”