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BJSS has further invested in its UK office network, as it looks to accommodate the technology community. The firm will invest in new hybrid office space in Glasgow, to accommodate flexible working practices in the wake of the pandemic.

Over the past 18 months, BJSS has more than doubled its workforce in Scotland, taking its headcount to 150 employees. Looking ahead, the firm intends on growing by a further third in the coming year.

To accommodate this expansion, BJSS has announced that it will be investing in a new 8,000 square foot office in Glasgow. It will boast areas for social activities, a multi-purpose event space, and most importantly, a place that enables staff to thrive, be it by access to super-fast Wi-Fi, or spaces for focus and collaborate.

BJSS invests in Glasgow office to support Scotland tech community

Laura Casci, Head of Delivery for BJSS Scotland, said of the news, “Investing in people is BJSS’s number one priority. People like having a choice and we believe that by opening an easily accessible and attractive hub in the heart of a great city like Glasgow, we are providing opportunities not just for our current employees, but our future employees too.”

Despite many organisations abandoning the office in the wake of the pandemic and a shift in employee attitudes towards work, BJSS is continuing to invest in office space that allows their staff to work, collaborate, and socialise, while also giving new recruits a place to learn and grow. BJSS also believes this is an important step to supporting Scotland’s digital economy flourish.

To that end, ScotlandIS released a statement welcoming the news. The membership organisation for Scotland’s digital technology industry represents over 1,000 companies through its cluster ecosystem, with more than 300 within its core membership. An estimated 85% of ScotlandIS members are SMEs.

Karen Meechan, CEO of ScotlandIS, added, “By investing in top-tier office space in Glasgow, BJSS is highlighting its commitment to growing Scotland’s technology community. By providing a space for people to learn and grow, it is playing a significant role in supporting the wider Scottish digital economy.”